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January 17, 2004



Speaking of Korean plants, have you ever gotten the Plant Delights Nursery catalog (http://www.plantdel.com/Catalog/Current/page42.html)? They carry Korean hostas, such as Hosta clausa, Hosta tsushimensis, Hosta venusta collected from Korea, and Hosta yingeri. They have other Korean plants as well. Doing a search for Korean on their website is probably the easiest way to find them. It is such a catalog to drool over, whether you want Korean plants or not. Chuckle over, too--that Tony Avent has a sense of humor. And by the way, I say CLEM-uh-tiss. And for the ends of those botanical family names, I've been saying "see-ay"--in my head, because fortunately I've never been in a position where I had to actually pronounce those things in someone else's hearing. Or, if I did, I cheated and said, "The aster family," or whatever.

Bookish Gardener

Ooooh, looks good...I've been starting to think about more hostas for my "hydrangea alley", but had been stuck in the usual "where to start? where to end?"ness of it all. This is a great recommendation...thank you thank you!


I've found a handy little book called the "New Pronouncing Dictionary of Plant Names" published by American Nurseryman. It says KLEM-a-tis.

Bookish Gardener

That sounds most interesting! It might also be interesting to try to find the "old" Pronouncing Dictionary to see if any pronunciations have evolved or changed over time (or maybe I'm just having another geekazoid moment).


The schwa is an upside down "e" and is pronounced eh or uh. Good point about Narcissus, and from my high school Latin, it would be nar-KEY-soos. I always was told to pronounce res as RAYS with a short s, so more "rais" than "rays".
Now I want to go pull my Latin dictionary and pronouncing dictionary too. :)

Dean Kennedy

This web site is a pleasurable and useful find. Thank you.

I have been fruitlessly searching for a pronouncing CD or DVD of botaical terms. Do you have any suggestions?

Chan S.

Thank you for your kind words! I wish I knew of a pronouncing CD or DVD. I am optimistic that someone will come up with a CD, DVD or even a website that includes sound files of pronunciations. If I ever come across such a resource, you can be sure that there'll be a post on this site about it!


Want Sound? Check it out on the web. It's Great:


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