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July 06, 2004


Robert the Llama Butcher

Ah, Chan! You and Terry - Schubert over Mozart? Bach on the piano? What madness is this?

Thanks much for the Gardener's Index - I can't wait to get going on that!

Chan S.

Mozart is beyond brilliant, Beethoven (as you know) sends me, but only Schubert can make the Bookish G. cry. On piano v. harpsichord, I like 'em both, but if choose I must, I choose the option that gives me the most Glenn Gould.


Chan, with Kathy's (Cold Climate Gardening)prodding, I took your taste test for gardeners.

BTW, I agree about Verdi over Wagner (but prefer Mozart). Hope all is well.


I'm afraid I am not as well-versed in the intricacies of blogging as you all--don't understand the "track-back" stuff. But I DID take the taste test and posted it on my weblog.


Fridays make clock-watchers out of us all and tempt us to do these evil things. I sure do hope nobody's logging these keystrokes.


Somehow time I climbed on is not present and, asking questions, found interesting and not so interesting answers. One of which was - « FailureAccident on the Chernobyl atomic power station, 4 power unit ». I became interesting and thumbing through sites was simply horrified. One I the fellow worker, in the past the meter man, has told about the friend which was the liquidator of consequences of this failureaccident, the truth or not I do not know. But spoke that - « firemen which extinguished a fire there, by turns washed in a showersoul groups, and muzhiks because of an irradiation were shone in darkness, but to live ithim remains few hours ».


Hello! Are you trying to be with my stubborn creature I have a nice joke. What do you call it when instead of raining cats and dogs, it rains chickens, ducks and turkeys? Fowl Weather!

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