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August 26, 2004



I like Barrel #2 better. It seems to have a more cohesive design. It's funny; I interpreted the photo of the cabbage as flowering kale and I had to read your entry twice and follow the link to your previous post before it really sunk in: she said cabbage, not kale. Of course,they are in the same family, but you get 2 points for trying something different and cheaper (and impromptu) that is worthy of being entered in a contest.

Chan S.

Thank you! Barrel #2 is much more my style (I like simplicity in containers), but Barrel #1 (which--you'll have to take my word for this--looks *much* better up close and in person than in this photo) turned out to be like the hodgepodge stirfry you make out of leftovers which ends up pretty tasty (which is a lot for me to say, 'cause I *hate* leftovers).


That blue could only be nature's work~gorgeous plantings!

Chan S.

Thank you, Avril!

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