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August 22, 2004



Chan -- thanks for the link. By my adding a title later, the permalink address changed. It is now:


And I like sitting at your table, too.

Chan S.

Permalink updated. Thanks, Don!


I have had the same feeling about garden bloggers. And fortunately there aren't so many that one can't keep up. But it always makes me a little sad when someone stops showing up in the lunchroom. Some of the earliest garden blogs I started reading no longer seem to be active, and I can only hope that they're "good" busy and not "bad" busy, that they've gone on to something else more interesting or important, and not, say, recuperating in a hospital with none of their online friends the wiser.

Chan S.

Yes...the connections in the "lunchroom" aren't just intellectual, they have a special personal dimension as well. Those connections grow and die back and (one hopes) grow back again, just like a garden (...and now I'm getting all verklempt!).

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